There are some of the Edge AI projects that we are working on the MESALab at UC Merced.

Neural Computer Stick (NCS) for edge deep learning


The NCS devices came to improve the computing ower of deep learning algorithm for multiple applications as face recognition or object detection. In MESALab, we are working to use this devices to improve the performance of process control using this NCS edge devices.

Failure detection and real time data analytics on industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 demands the introduction of novel failure detection algorithms that improve the productivity reducing plant stops with a better understanding of the process behaviorn using real time data analytics of the process data streams.

Autonomous vehicles and precision agriculture 


The extended capabilities given by Edge AI can power precision agriculture and autonomous vehicles applications to improve the vehicles navigation as well as the crops quality monitoring and Real-Time analysis

Artificial intelligence and edge computing for smarter controls